1526 Hot Hash House News 12th Dec 2018

Another clear as day photo brought to you by GH’s iphone with some numpty sitting up top 

Hashers met at The Maltings pub in South Shields on a crisp and clear Wednesday evening;  pre Brexit angst having been aired earlier in the day, support for the hare/s remained strong and stable throughout the evening.   Setting off from the town centre, the hash couldn’t help but be impressed by the hare’s giant flour receptacle, surely the largest in living memory of the hash. This was later explained during the circle as being part of the hare’s new fitness regime.

The hash  followed a very visible trail that took in a variety of  differing scenery, progressing in a stately fashion around the town, heading past one of Pimp’s favourite streets for house porn and the infamous bollard (Inncon’s remembers it painfully well). Having duly admired the bricks and mortar on offer, the hash then headed out to sea via a handy gun emplacement in the sand dunes for a brief hash flash, before returning across the beach and a fast flowing tide towards the Marine Park.  Returning to the pub for a brief circle before everyone got too cold and repaired to the pub for a bit of Bingo and the Leadership Result (handily subtitled) 

Thanks to the hares for a couple of lovely routes and a very bracing run !

Stats and Special notices
Beer stop –  bypassed 😩

Hash hounds -1

Dolphins – Out at Sea 

Mean Eyed Cats – Next week Hot chocs 1   Lattes -1 

Sea views – 1

Gun -1

Morley’s – 3

Widdlers – None spotted

Leadership Result – ( oh who cares any more, its nearly Christmas)

Next Week:  The Mean Eyed Cat, Newcastle – Attire – Novelty office ( no storage space so bring a rucksack to carry anything for afters)

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