Hot Hash News 1519- The Woodman Inn – 14 Nov 2018

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1519 The Woodman Inn, Durham

Hare: Totem and Bella, Walking hare:  Watsarong

Another cracking hash picture with the cathedral cleverly obscured by hashers

The Woodman Inn in Durham – a nice steep climb from the train station was the destination for Wednesday’s hash. A dark but mild night, the select band set off with the walkers at 1900 hours onto the Claypath. The route headed off into the streets before wending its way away up to St Giles Church and down to the riverside.

  FRB selfie by the river on a domino FRB for 5.

Falsies abounded, FRBS allegedly abandoned and still the trail went on, passing by Maiden Castle, the hash then headed into the woods for a ‘trippy’ experience. No drugs were harmed but the plethora of tree roots caused more than a number of minor slips, trips and falls as the hash ( half torchless) gingerly picked their way along to Houghall College before turning back towards Durham for a  shortcutting viewpoint and a perilous descent.

Passing the beer stop (sob) the hash carried onto the on inn for some delicious pub snacks and some slightly muted singing ( in deference to other patrons of the pub). After chuffing down some hotdogs, chips and salsa and serenading the landlady, Newcastle hashers made the very adult decision to head north before the clock had struck 9.30 and they turned into pumpkins.

 Thanks to the hare for a lovely trail and a great pub.

Stats and Special notices

Cathedrals – 1

Trips, Slips and Falls – 4

Hash hounds – 1

Domino FRBS – 5 – ( saves on flour – good to adopt during Brexit when flour supplies run short)

Widdlers – 1

Train -1

Train beers – 1

Train Haribo – 1 packet of

Hash View – 1 ( but its Durham so everywhere is a hash view )

Visibility – Poor if you forget your torch

Snacks – Provided by hare/pub

Beer stops – unused by runners, utilised by walkers

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