Hot Hash News 1544 – Only a week later than planned! – 27 Mar 2019

The Wheatsheaf, Palmersville 

Hares: Woofers, Counterfeit and LHJ  

Last week’s hash was from the Wheatsheaf pub in sunny Palmersville, the hares  instructing  our newest virgin with the ways of the floury markers we have grown so used to on our Wednesday evenings.  7pm came and went as the last rays of the setting sun slid over the horizon on the final dark night hash of the year.  Headlights were switched to ‘go’ and the hash set off into the path of incoming traffic before turning into the side of the Rising Sun car park.  As the bright lights of Asda glowed alluringly in the night, the hash headed away into the park proper to start their own ‘park run’.    A new trail around some of the outer wetlands was a surprise for those who were familiar with the park and a cunning route timing by the hares ensured  the short and long runners met up for a hash flash ( see below)


Spot the hasher – last crystal clear night time photo shoot of 2019 -The hash view from the top of the park is always phenomenal especially on calm evenings, though it sadly remained uncaptured on camera, although given the state of the above photo, we haven’t missed out much by not including it here. Pausing to admire the view, spot Penshaw ( which isn’t being removed to Beamish – just in case you heard the news on Monday 1st) the hash descended the slopes to Palmersville.A quick stop in the local playground with strict instructions to play on 2 items of equipment whiled away a happy 5 minutes especially when a zipwire  was discovered. A beer stop at LHJ’s and Dyson was a triumph, noticeably for the amazing home cooked food and beverages available. Downing  scones and Guiness cake, the hash waddled back to pub, where Counterfeit had thoughtfully placed a number of FRB’s to slow us down even further. An uproarious  circle in the car park followed led by BM riffing with the usual suspects, but since time waits for no man or woman the pub called us indoors.

 Thanks to the hares and to LHJ and Dyson for their efforts – a class evening

Stats and Special notices 

Virgins – 1 

Beer Stops – 1  

Best beer Stop of the Year ?   ( I think so) 

Homemade Guinness cake, freshly baked scones and a choice of beverages – Heaven  

Widdlers – None spotted

Most number of FRBS within a stretch of 20 m – A record

Playground capers – 1 

Suns – 1 (setting) 

Rising sun – 1 (park) 

Keeno runners to the hash – 2 

Hashy b’day – Hash Sab 

Hares v. Bats  – Who dares wins

On On GH
TonightA riverside location awaits you complete with all weather weather – be there or miss out ! its going to be another cracking evening! Will you leave your torch at home and don your short trousers or wrap up in your technical spec gear with your crampons – its up to you

NH3 @The Schooner, Gateshead – Mar 20 2019

Hot Hash house News Run 1543 –

Pub: The Schooner, Gateshead

Hare: Hash Sab

Hash Sab’s b’det run was from The Schooner, Gateshead, a well-known and favoured hash haunt. A short trail overseen by Lubri began as it meant to go on with the rest of the group heading off in the wrong direction. Classic walkers!

The trail runners headed round Gateshead industrial units, clambering through wasteland dumps and gaps in fences like true hash trespassers, arriving at what is considered one of the finest views of Newcastle – the Millennium Bridge. See fb for a fantastic hash flash by TC.

Opened in 2001, this architectural gem is both a pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge – fortunately for the hare as it allowed him to cross trail without crossing trails.

After the bridge,  1 hasher and a hound were lost, longcutting to the beer stop for a tasty drop before heading back along the Tyne past the Pimp My Ride/ Dogging  parking area ( Pop and I are still speculating on which it is)  towards the pub.

Hashers circled quickly in the pub picnic area, forewarned of a buffet spread imminently arriving, misdemeanours were few,  Mark Tough was named as Frogsporn ( is that the correct spelling?) before we all piled in to the pub for a delicious spread for 50 that defeated us, despite most of us eating our bodyweight in cheese, and suffering the requisite nightmares as a result. 

Thanks to the hare for a lovely trail, beer stop and especially the buffet. Many happy returns for next week.

Next week is The Wheatsheaf at Benton, Palmersville area with Woof Woof and Counterfeit, torches required as its The Last Dark Hash of the Year ! Hurrah

Food ! glorious food !

Stats and Special notices

Morleys – 1

FRB’s – free for all due to lack of Whippet and No Relief

Hash views – 1

Craft ale beers stops – 1

Hash hounds – 1

Toilet – 1 Widdlers – 0

Shortcutting AWOL beer stopper -1

Digit wigglers -2

Virgins – 1

Namings – 1

Cheese –  mmmmm  so much cheese

 On On GH

NH3 @ The Steps, Washington – 06 Mar 2019

Hello All
After the unseasonable warm spell which brought out hashers like snowdrops last week, I have had a think about how to get the numbers down to normal levels…..and so this weeks hash is on a wet, Wednesday night in Washington.
Our venue is The Steps, a great real ale pub in the heart of picturesque Washington Village. Our route will take us round a few urban parks and as a change from the last few weeks no head torches or off road shoes will be required. There is a beer stop which I hope will be new to many of you and money will be required.
For drivers, the sat nav postcode is NE38 7HP and there is a small car park directly opposite the pub outside a community centre as well as on street parking. For those on the bus / metro I would suggest getting the 56 bus from Gateshead Metro which will take you to Concord in Washington (get off opposite Wetherspoons). 
Walk to the left away from Wetherspoons and at the Co-op on the corner you can turn right onto Spout Lane. Its a straight line, 10 minute walk from there to the pub, just walk past Washington School and through the underpass. An alternative is to go The Galleries and jog/walk a mile from there.
Walkers have their usual dedicated tour guide in the form of my dad and there will be a virgin hare on only his 3rd run from Mark Tough. 
So see you there I hope, there is a 66% chance of not getting wet according to BBC Weather, who can turn down odds like that?
On On