NHHH › Hot Hash News Run 1547 Habita – The Beer Festival – April 10 2019

Hash No. 1547

Hares: BM. MP and GH

A casual grouping of hashers hanging out beneath the arches

This week’s hash was the annual Beer Festival hash hared by Babe Magnet and his groupies. Sadly an altitude sapping climb up the Lakes equivalent of Everest the day before, had left BM with very little mobility in his lower body. Realising this early on, BM spent hours planning a complex trail around Newcastle and definitely not 1 minute checking his Garmin route  from 2015 to recycle  at 5.40pm on Wednesday evening.  Such was his masterly planning of the route Lubri was able to legitimately stay at the Beer Festival whilst Watsarong joined the r*unners  route, which was awesome.

Handing the haring reins over to yours truly, the hash peeled off to the trail whilst   BM, MP and Lubri shuffled, coughed and  limbered there way respectively up to the Festival to sample the offerings as part of their research into beer and its effect on fitness. We look forward to hearing their conclusions.

Meanwhile the hash who were re-creating live action research of fitness and its effect on beer were busily hustling round the streets, upsetting pedestrians and getting in the way of people who were just trying to get on with their lives. Despite the best efforts of the hare to slow them down, the hash were unstoppable, and the falsies were barely sniffed at, this pack’s race memory evidently extended back to 2015.  Hurdling the obstructions of Starbeck Avenue and ignoring the chip shop, the hash quickly arrived at the home of the beer mile, where they were split into 2 groups and forced to dash the 400m but without the thirst quenching beer for reward.  Spiderman quickly established his sprint credentials pipping Trees Are at the post.

After returning to the route the hash were brought to a halt by a smattering of horse poo strewn FRB’s and a hash view of a hanging iron. Ironic post modernist art or fly tipping ?

See photo,


Much discussion took place as to its (the iron’s) relevance in today’s (still)  pre Brexit economy ( as of 11th April), before we arrived back, 5 minutes later at the pub.

Circle beers provided, MP dished out misdemeanours, prizes and almost remembered the 5 magic questions to our newest arrival. After the second shortest hash in the history of hashing and before the clock struck 8pm the hash retied to the festival for further refreshments and crisps.

Another triumphant run, lovely drinkies and stunning crisps – what’s not too like

Next week

The Gosforth Hotel, it’s in Gosforth, quite near a chip shop, enough said.

Special Stats and Notices

Virgins – 1

Beer mile – 1 ( minus the beer)

Morleys – 3

FRB’s Numerous

Route – Short

Recruitment via the magic tool of Social Media – 1

Possibility of appearing in the next Cheers mag – 100%

Chip stop – 1

Weather – chilly but sunny

Great April Sunday write-ups – Inncon’s (especially for getting a Brexit reference in)

On On


R*n 1546 The Crow’s Nest, Seaham – 7 Apr 2019

On an oddly bright chilly spring morning the usual Sunday suspects (and visiting hasher Borderline and chum) assembled at the Crow’s Nest, Seaham for a trail around the Durham Heritage Coast.

The r*nners and w*lkers headed towards the beach where the grey skies merged with the sea, with the occasional gull a tossed paper in the wind and flash of white against the grey sky. A brief chance for H3O to beachcomb the flotsam and jetsam with the random treasure hunt providing sea glass for the mantelpiece …. err well actually it was the size of a plectrum, but you get the idea. Meanwhile on the r*nners trail our own “Treasure” (Chest) lead the way past the magnificent Seaham Hall as The Pimp pencilled-in a future weekend sojourn for him and Bird of Prey.

The r*nners plodded on with InnContinence and Beerdog competing for a slimy stick and Spiderman divesting himself of several layers as we all got a sweat-on. (He started as Michelin Man and finished as Stick Man). Onwards through Dawdon Dene occupying FRB’s with a level of equality rarely seen on a hash. Why wasn’t Spiderman bagging them all? Then peltin’ doon’ Down Stony Cut bank waggonway, which on a clear day affords views of North Yorkshire and today …… well just Seaham Golf Course to the immediate south.

Meanwhile the w*lkers had a choice of trail to REMAIN on the Harbour Walk or LEAVE for the delights of the sadly littered Rockhouse Dene Nature Reserve (That’s the ONLY Brexit reference you’re getting Grasshopper). Fortunately the remainers won the day and headed into Seaham Harbour and the delights of the chi chi bars and bistros whilst being regaled by tales of Omm going down …… the three Seaham collieries of Vane Tempest, Dawdon and err …. Seaham Colliery. Time to linger for a coffee with Watsarong, Malteaser et al, whilst back on the r*nners trail ……

…… into the delightfully named Hazel Dene …. a site of outstanding fly-tipping, industrial scale littering and fulsome canine defaecation. Eventually escaping the horrors of the dene, with TC boldly leading the way into the depths of the tunnel of doom with a heart-wrenching plea “I’m scared ….. it’s dark ….. how long does this go on for?”. Only 80 metres, and then out into more urban decay, abandoned shopping trolleys and detritus.

Eventually climbing out of the dene and down to the welcoming seascape of the Durham coast and back through the delightful harbour pausing for a photo or two at the wonderful statue of Tommy the First World War soldier.

After the best (and worst) of Seaham, we reconvened at The Crow’s Nest for potted-meat sandwiches and ginger beer (sorry getting a bit confused with the Secret Seven) …. Sunday lunch.

On On next week to Habita and The Newcastle Beer Festival on Wednesday.

Hot Hash News 1545 The Tyne, Newcastle – 3 Apr 2019

Hash House Harriers 1545

The Tyne, Newcastle

Hare: Pop

Animated GIF

Due to a lack of camerawork on my part, I have instead included an image demonstrating the hash negotiating the Byker section of the trail. ( Minus the fancy dress – although the lycra/utility belt isn’t far off)

The Tyne bar was this week’s venue,  and despite a day with all the seasons rolled into one, remained dry and light if not a little nippy in places. The evening saw a good turnout of hashers for the first hash sans torches, although we were in the main well wrapped up against the chill.

The hare issued such brief instructions before we all set off on the trail that the hash erroneously headed off on a previous trail instead of the freshly floured offering of the evening. Confusion was quickly removed by the hare as the hash headed off into the Byker Wall, where we had some considerable success in avoiding house breakers, dodgy individuals and dog poo in our quest to follow the labyrinth like trail through the estate.Emerging unscathed, the hash, headed through cunning trails back to the cycle path (and a cracking riverside ramble) before dropping down to St Peters basin for a slightly dodgy horse racing beer stop, and back to the pub for a rowdy circle consisting mainly of the hare receiving all the down down’s before turning into the pub for a final drink.

Thanks to the hare for a lovely evening and a great pub ( even Pimp was moved to praise Pop’s choice).

Sunday is Inncon’s run from Seaham and I’m hoping he might do a Brexit punned write up for it so I don’t have too. Check the hareline as it will be a cracker!

Next week  BM will be making his debut haring return of 2019 for his annual  Beer Festival Run from Habita, the SU at Northumbria University. Please be aware the trail will be incredibly short as the run is just an excuse to go to the Beer Festival. You have been notified.  

Stats and Special Notices

Inncon’s stomping ground – 1

FRB’s –pretty everyone had an opportunity to get one

Riverside views – Glorious

Walls – 1 ( Byker wall)

Bikes – 1 ( Burnt out in Byker)

Rivers -1

Beer stop – 1

Band rehearses -1On OnGH