Bedlington… Eshintin but Posha! – 22 May 2019

Well,, I haven’t been to Bedlington for a while and neither has the hash, not since the days of Whyno!Pimp’s trail showed the best sides of the place with an excellant bar, the Box Wood Tap, almost invisible amongst High Street Shops, beautiful weather, parks, views and a riverside finish, all on virgin territory, which probably is unique in Bedlington.Treesare was a late arrival, in his new/old sports car and had resort to an immediate widdle on trail. Must be a time of life thing (Sports car or impromptu widdling?)Apart from the unavoidable regulars we also had Zanussi, Gabby, David (trying a Counterfit impersonation) and Vicki, who would potentially win the best (over)dressed hasher of the year award.Plus 3 hash hounds.
Starting off through a park which was a pit heap that had been re-cycled and cycled, and sprinting through areas that we were councilled to do so, with views of the Cheviots, Simonside and an oil rig in Blyth Harbour, we dropped into the River Blyth valley and back towards town.Pimp had warned that a possible short cut might prove a nettling experience but one stupid bugger took no notice and arrived buzzing back at the beer truck well in advance of the pack who were still looking for him.The circle was convened by Watsarong, RA’ed by Poppins and adjourned by Pimp in favour of the Best Little Boozer in town.Put your minds to:Hash Names for John Laws (11), Gabby (7) and Lisa (5) runsNext week is at the Grey Horse in Consett and Sunday 2nd at Charlton’s Bar at Cambois, both promising more virgin territory.
Summer is a coomin’ in, loudly sing down down…….

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