Hash House News 1532 – 23 Jan 2019

Hash House News – Burns Nights

Pub:  The Newcastle County Cricket Club

Hare: Counterfeit and Daft Twanky

Night time frivolities

Inspired by the address to the haggis I have conducted my own ode to the hash – a retelling of the night’s events

Well met, ye tartan clad hoishers  as the bells toll their chime

Tis 7 bells and the flours laid so I’ll continue with my rhyme

Hurry on your way and seek out the white stuff on the ground

For time is tight and haggi take to flight if the way cannot be found.

“Ahoy I’ve found a marking, it looks like an FRB”

“Continue on the way dear friends , while I pose next to this tree.”

A light from yonder horizon breaks, whatever can it be

Why I do believe it is the walkers, there’s one, no two, no three !

The Dene is dark, the dene is quiet,

Shattered by calls of “On on” and “I’m on a vegetarian diet”

Watch the hoishers dash aboot,

heedless and lost and full of fright

They need their hare to guide them back, through highways and byways and an unused track.

Although most of it seems to be an uphill chase, they clamber on at a heart stopping pace.

The hare falls down and gets back up, (all this is monitored by an useen duck).

Eventually they arrive back at the start, for a circle, some beer and a heart to heart

And finally then, when the ballad is sung, they all dive in side for some haggis and rum,

Ok it’s not rum, its whisky and beer but as nothing rhymes with whiskey I have to make clear

Its incredibly hard to finish this song, with gusto, verve and a bit of aplomb!

Thanks to the hares for some new routes of an old favourite and a cracking haggis, neeps and tatties

Further reading on the life cycle of the haggi can be found here


Stats and Special Notices

Temperature – Chilly

Temperaments – Chilled

Hash Hounds – 1

Wild Haggi – 2 Vegetarian Haggi – 2

Slips, Trips and Falls – 1

Denes – 1

Addresses – 1

Dresses -0

Latecomers – 1

On On


Next week

Twin Farms, Kenton Bank Foot

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