Hot Hash House Harriers News – 1516 Babe Magnet’s B*det hash – 31 Oct 2018

 Beer Stop 2

   BM’s b*det hash was held at The Purple Bear, Northumberland Street on All Hallows Eve and the pub was seasonally festooned with the usual Halloween tat that is foisted on any unwary shopper brave enough to enter into any transaction with one of the well-known  high street shops at this time of year. Thankfully most of the occupants of the pub were attired in civvies, apart from a strange group at the back dressed in some weird, outlandishly designed hash gear  – oh wait  that was us !

BM’s recent forays into stage and screen had left him all but a wreck of his former self, so having walked the reccie he wheezed round with the walkers on a direct route to the first beer stop whilst Grasshopper (torchless and bumbagless – oh the horror) attempted to keep up with the running pack.

Speeding off to Leazes Park, the pack wended their way through the darkness as the stand in hare desperately tried to act like she remembered where the trail went. Fortunately an ever sharp eyed Misled spotted the trail so all was not a complete disaster. Having glanced enviously at the private party rocking out at Wylam Brewery, the pack headed over the moor and stopped for a brief hash view of the Central Motorway (also notable as the start of the GNR). 

Beer stopping at the Trent House, the Runners met half of the Walkers at the Trent House, and having downed a few delicious beverages they wobbled off to the next beer stop – cunningly managing to avoid any crossing of trails but also nearly losing 2 (newish) members at the Monument. Safely arriving at the ever massively cheap Five Swans more beers were downed, Hash Sab was lost and not found in the toilets ( despite vicious rumours spread by Pimp who erroneously told Misled he had definitely seen him there). A 500 yrd dash to the On inn  followed where by happy chance Counterfeit had arranged the circle drinks and a noisy circle presided by Mary Poppins took place. 

Special Stats and notices

Purple Bears -1

Beer Stops – 2

Gender confused witches – 3

Missing in Action – Hash Sab

Hash Views – 1 

Private Party -1

Virgins -1

Hospitalisations – 0

Birthdays – 1

Morleys -2

Technicolour coats – 0

Technicolour tie dye tshirts – 1

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