Hot Hash House News 1604 – The Badger, 19 Feb 2020

Pub: The Badger, PontelandR*nning hares: Grasshopper & Knee HighWa*king hare: Mary Poppins

badger HF 1.jpg

Our hares set us up with a spacious corner in a lovely old pub which is ideally placed for commuters as it’s right under the flightpath of Newcastle Airport. The pub was fine with both dogs and shiggy so the Hash worried not about the promised dark, damp conditions. Not all Hashers had brought torches; the Hares provided ample glowsticks to aid in recognition, particularly of Tripwire.
While Mary Poppins led the sensible detachment the r*nners jaunted along and over some quite big roads, some very muddy fields, and some country lanes which were charming by daylight. Inncontinence did the residents of Darras Hall a favour by relocating a mysteriously-transported road sign (was the wind really that strong?). Five Kuai led the charge through shiggy and therefore got the blame for all the missed FRBs.
On the way into Darras Hall the Hash were buzzed by Serious Athletes doing hill sprints. Nobody seemed to have told them that you only have to go as far as the Hare on a morley.
The Hash all agreed that the house p*rn was some of the best they’d ever seen. Suitably distracted, multiple hashers ran straight past the clearly-marked turn off Middle Drive and were instructed to wipe the drool from their chins as they came On Back.
Scenic carriageway led into the village where another Hash Flash was papped at a distinctly spooky old tower. Several hashers then mistook OBS for Obligatory Beer Stop and went for a half in the Diamond Inn, whilst the more sensible members returned to the Badger for the circle. All in all, an excellent r*n with the addition of a Nigerian Wild Rover (both visitor and returnee) who donated T-shirts!

badger HF 2.jpg

Hash stats
Visitors (returning): 1Returnees (haring): 2Hash hounds: 1Hashers with torches: not all
Mislaid road signs: 1  
Giant shiggy fields: 1Falsies in giant shiggy fields: 1Missed FRBs in giant shiggy fields: manyMorleys: 3Serious athletes: ~10Pele towers (vicars): 1Obligatory Beer Stops: 1Very pneumatic barmaids: 1
Next week is a point-to-point r*n perpetrated by Five Kuai Headjob, followed at the weekend by a Saturday Leap Hash Crawl to mark the quadrennial 29th February and a hangover Sunday r*n hared by Bedtime Story and Chafing Bollocks.
On OnCB (with apologies to GH)

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