Hot Hash House News – Christmas Edition – 19 Dec 2018

Pub: The Mean Eyed CatHares: TC and Pimp

Beer stop 2 and already half the pack have wandered off , these are a selection of hashers enjoying a bit of social revelry 
A record number of hashers turned out for the Christmas hash , one of the most popular on the hash calendar, a short trail around Newcastle taking in a number of beer stops ( with minimum effort).Having consumed a record number of half pints (5) including some infamous jungle juice cider the writer hasn’t a great recollection of what happened save that after the beers stops that there was a  circle, sandwiches and  KFC was closed.
Thanks to the hares for organising a lovely night and all hashers for turning up with Christmas cheer in their hearts, 
Merry Christmas to one and all
On On GH
Special Stats and Notices

Mean eyed cats – 1Hash Hounds -1Leopards (print skirts) -1 Beer Stops – 2Shortcutters – At least 6Tipi’s – 1Bodega’s -1Boogeing -0Christmas Attire – OTTChristmas Tat – Too Too much 

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