Hot hash house news – Low Lights Tavern, North Shields 1528 – 02 Jan 2019

Wednesday’s hash began at the cosy Low Lights Tavern complete with roaring fires and it was with some reluctance that hashers left the pub to face the chilly night. Heading out along the north shields quay the hash found time to pose with their new friend ( see below) in what will, I’m confident soon become recognised as one of the most innovative pieces of  night action camera work of the age.

Hash flash
After bidding our wooden friend adieu, the hash headed along the promenade, quickly confusing the trails before meeting up at Lord Collingwood statue and some new historical history from the hare about our feline obsessed peer. The pack then headed off into King Edwards bay for a spot of skinny dipping ( if you blinked you would have missed it) and then and along the coast before looping back towards into Tynemouth metro to a new beer stop on the station. After a quiet and warming rest, the hash then headed back down to the pub for a brief circle covering all misdemeaning folk and then  turning in for some further refreshments.
Thanks to the hare for a lovely run with fabulous views.
Stats and Special Notices
Large wooden men -1Origins of hash history facts – dubiousCat Puns – ‘Mew’arvelous ( rubbish I know)Hash harbour  views – ManyFRB hogger – Innconn’sPiers – 2Lighthouse beacons – 2Hash lights masquerading as beacons – 3Beer stops – 1 ( best of 2019 so far)Try January v. Dry January – the verdicts still open on this one folks
Next week – Benton Ale House, Benton 
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