Hot Hash News – Benton Ale House Hash 1530…. with a mission – 09 Jan 2019

Pub: Benton Ale HouseHare: Woofers

Yet another selection of clear as night photo’s from GH’s phone (or as was darkly hinted by an unamed source, just the same picture recycled every week ! You decide.

1)  Lights off/ Flash on

  2) Lights on/ Flash off

3)  Lights off/ Flash Off                             

Another classic Woofers run around the Benton massive, encompassing  all the dark skies around a built up area, mainly off road, a cunningly devised trail designed to take in all the local highlights including St James training ground and the ways of the Waggon which are dark and mysterious.  No Relief and Whippet dominated the FRB scene, though a bit of local knowledge helped the rest. Falsies were abundant and despite a short trail kept the group guessing all the way round. At the Onn Inns Woofers revealed her mission – hashers were to check out the 2 nearerst pubs and report back.
Update for Woofers on The Black Bull – Pub no. 2 for future hashers Despite rumours of a murder being carried out in previous years,  the Black Bull was quiet and clean, dogs are welcome, parking plentiful and food is served until 9pm. A glass of water will set you back zero pennies and the staff were cheerful and polite. Hashers on Try january can report further as to the booze selection.
Thanks to the hare for a lovely evening oot and aboot.
Special stats and Notices
Widdlers -1Missions – 1Beer stops – Multiple choice of stopsApostrophe’s – 1Waggons – 1Ways – ManyFalling off Waggons – PossibilityShiggy – Loads ofFRB hogger and  also absconder – Whippet On OnGH

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