NH3 @ The Chillingham – 25 Sep 2019


You’re about to start the best years of your life and it starts with Woof Woof and Counterfit talking chalk to twenty Hashers outside The Chillingham in Heaton! Newcastle is renowned for having one of the best Hashes in Newcastle, with buckets of flour and shiggy urban trails, there’s truly something for everyone in Hasher’s Week 2019.

Heaton’s back street scene is second to none – you’ll find FRBs on wheelie bins and plenty of traffic in a maze of streets that all look the same. Even heavy rain won’t wash away those super-neat Woofers markings!

Heaton Park’s shiggy scene is second to none. Hashers can get in under the trees in no time, dodging weird little ha-has and holes where trees used to be in an amazing level of darkness. There’ll even be some stretches on actual path to keep you guessing!

Hash Sab’s FRB scene is second to none. With his lanky legs and penchant for shortcutting you can be sure he’ll get to that little floury square before you do!

Jesmond Dene’s dene scene is second to none. Once you’ve r*n all over the bits of Heaton Park that you didn’t even know existed you can hash on into the darkened Dene for some of the best steep stairs and wet-leaf-coated downhills in the country. Your hares will even offer shortcuts, though all Hashers know better than to take them!

There’s even room for latecomers in Hasher’s Week 2019. Slippery When Wet’s catch-up scene is second only to Five Kuai Headjob’s – Slippery shows us that Heaton Park can be navigated solo, and Kuai goes one better by turning up in the Dene a full 20 minutes into the r*n! Just a little taste of the superb public transport options that Newcastle can offer.

The choice of beer stops is second to none. By the time Chafing’s sweated enough to make it look like he’s pissed his trolleys all Hashers know it’s time for a beer. Even if the hares can’t be arsed with the beer stop themselves they’ll still set Hashers up with excellent pubs like The Hussar, with a side option of The Heaton Tap for anyone who finds the Hussar’s bar staff too goddamn slow.

Tom’s finishing pace is second to none. Except maybe for Innconts who got back before him. And maybe Pimp as well. R*nning around with a belly full of beer can seem daunting at first, but like Tom you’ll soon discover the sheer joy of pegging it down a back alley half cut shouting ON ON!

Pimp as RA is second to none, and he hadn’t even been re-elected yet. Hares will receive circle punishment for non-attendance at the beer stop because we all know how important it is to get a beer down you before you get a beer down you! Getting a fifty-r*n shirt is as easy as doing fifty r*ns, as Ion Dick demonstrates. And if you’ve done at least five you’ll get a spiffy Hash handle, just like (R)over And Out.

Hasher’s Week 2019, for nights you’ll never remember with people you’ll never forget!

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