NH3 @The Schooner, Gateshead – Mar 20 2019

Hot Hash house News Run 1543 –

Pub: The Schooner, Gateshead

Hare: Hash Sab

Hash Sab’s b’det run was from The Schooner, Gateshead, a well-known and favoured hash haunt. A short trail overseen by Lubri began as it meant to go on with the rest of the group heading off in the wrong direction. Classic walkers!

The trail runners headed round Gateshead industrial units, clambering through wasteland dumps and gaps in fences like true hash trespassers, arriving at what is considered one of the finest views of Newcastle – the Millennium Bridge. See fb for a fantastic hash flash by TC.

Opened in 2001, this architectural gem is both a pedestrian and cyclist tilt bridge – fortunately for the hare as it allowed him to cross trail without crossing trails.

After the bridge,  1 hasher and a hound were lost, longcutting to the beer stop for a tasty drop before heading back along the Tyne past the Pimp My Ride/ Dogging  parking area ( Pop and I are still speculating on which it is)  towards the pub.

Hashers circled quickly in the pub picnic area, forewarned of a buffet spread imminently arriving, misdemeanours were few,  Mark Tough was named as Frogsporn ( is that the correct spelling?) before we all piled in to the pub for a delicious spread for 50 that defeated us, despite most of us eating our bodyweight in cheese, and suffering the requisite nightmares as a result. 

Thanks to the hare for a lovely trail, beer stop and especially the buffet. Many happy returns for next week.

Next week is The Wheatsheaf at Benton, Palmersville area with Woof Woof and Counterfeit, torches required as its The Last Dark Hash of the Year ! Hurrah

Food ! glorious food !

Stats and Special notices

Morleys – 1

FRB’s – free for all due to lack of Whippet and No Relief

Hash views – 1

Craft ale beers stops – 1

Hash hounds – 1

Toilet – 1 Widdlers – 0

Shortcutting AWOL beer stopper -1

Digit wigglers -2

Virgins – 1

Namings – 1

Cheese –  mmmmm  so much cheese

 On On GH

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