NH3 @ The Steps, Washington – 06 Mar 2019

Hello All
After the unseasonable warm spell which brought out hashers like snowdrops last week, I have had a think about how to get the numbers down to normal levels…..and so this weeks hash is on a wet, Wednesday night in Washington.
Our venue is The Steps, a great real ale pub in the heart of picturesque Washington Village. Our route will take us round a few urban parks and as a change from the last few weeks no head torches or off road shoes will be required. There is a beer stop which I hope will be new to many of you and money will be required.
For drivers, the sat nav postcode is NE38 7HP and there is a small car park directly opposite the pub outside a community centre as well as on street parking. For those on the bus / metro I would suggest getting the 56 bus from Gateshead Metro which will take you to Concord in Washington (get off opposite Wetherspoons). 
Walk to the left away from Wetherspoons and at the Co-op on the corner you can turn right onto Spout Lane. Its a straight line, 10 minute walk from there to the pub, just walk past Washington School and through the underpass. An alternative is to go The Galleries and jog/walk a mile from there.
Walkers have their usual dedicated tour guide in the form of my dad and there will be a virgin hare on only his 3rd run from Mark Tough. 
So see you there I hope, there is a 66% chance of not getting wet according to BBC Weather, who can turn down odds like that?
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