NH3 @ The Travellers Rest, Wideopen – 25 Jul 2019

The warmest run of the year so far as Global Warming finally hits Newcastle.
We set off to run from the Traveller’s Rest, contracdition there and headed into the wilds of Big Waters with a small enclave of Derbyshire in Northumberland.
Frogs Porn kept having recollections of George Michael for some reason……
We circuited lake and ploughed through thick undergrowth on both sides of the A1 and a lengthy hairpin switch back which had many gasping for breath.
An efficient circle and a difficult choice of post run drinks for some…..the last resorts of Stella, Cider and Guiness…..not Brown Ale weather.
Next week we will be waiting at Durham Station, probably for a long time due to Rails buckling in the heat.
A certain Miss Gabriella Giovanichi requires a Hash name. It was she who took the attached Photograph.

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