Run 1561: El Chimpance’ Dividido – 3 Jul 2019

On a balmy Wednesday night of mediterranean conditions we gathered at El Chimpance’ Dividido at El Ciudad Espanol in El Bahia de Whitley.
As often with coastal outings we had a smattering of monkey runners but oddly neither David Lopez nor the Split Chimp attended this evening.On the stroke of siete we set off……inland….through the splendours on Whitley Bay and Monkseaton, with the newly returned Babe Magnet already working out how early he could short cut and which pub he could be coincidently be passing on the way back to base.Out into the countryside with Follow Thru trying to second guess the route and coastal views including El Faro de Santa Maria.Newbies Joanne and Michelle keeping up the pace and deciphering the trail marking and Phil Sellars taking nearly all the false trails,sometimes accidently.Down through La Valle de los Brezos and out onto el paseo de la cote and in sight of the finish.Circling was cotrolled by El Chulo and included the final naming (perversely) of Juan Leyes as El Hombre sin Nombre, which has a certain ring about it.On into and outside the bar to finish una tarde placentera…..which is not a maternity problem.25 Hashers including tres perros.
Sunday 11.30 at the Peacock in TanfieldNext Wednesday 7.00 pm at The Brinkburn St. Brewery in Ouseburn

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