The Consett Party – 29 May 2019

Hashdate 1555. We are the voyagers of the NH3, our on going mission to seek out new pubs, sample different brews, explore wild places and penetrate virgin territory.
In this week’s episode, Chafing Bollicks took us to his homeworld of Consett 1, perhaps the last vestige of civilisation on the very edge of our hashiverse. Beyond here are the debatable wastes of Durrum and then the wild lands of Coombree-Ha, where there are few and strange life forms.
The atmospheric conditions were distinctly moist but our cast were not deterred. Before long we encountered the relics of an ancient empire, a huge mechanical device, a part of some arcane ritual long bypassed by our technology. The vast citadel that existed here even attempted to control the weather, at times producing a red rain that terrified not only he local populace but those also in lands far and wide.
Our exploration circumnavigated the our landing site with part of the group splitting off to interact with the indigenous population in one of their drinking dens.
Finally reunited for our debrief, the atmospheric conditions deteriorated and we had to seek shelter for refreshment before thinking of our next area of invesigation.
This will be On hashdate 1556, Sunday 2nd in local time, across on the other side of the embassy in the small outpost of Cambois, a sub section of Blyth, at the place known as Charlton’s bar. More virgin territory to experience.

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